About me, Dr Monique Welten

I am a PhD Biologist with broad international research experience. After an exciting career as a researcher, I decided to set up my own company, and use my knowledge, communication and presentation skills and enthusiasm for Biology, to service others. I have a great affinity with biology in general, 3D imaging techniques, sustainability, education and natural history.


After working as a medical microbiology technician for a long time, I decided to go back to university and study Biology. In 2002 I obtained my MSc at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Immediately after receiving my PhD in 2007, I moved to the UK for exciting research projects at Newcastle University and the University of Bath. From 2011-2013 I worked as a researcher at the University of Florida (USA). I returned to the UK for an interesting project at the Natural History Museum in London. One year later, I received a Marie Curie Fellowship for my own research project at the University of Bristol. In 2017 I returned to the Netherlands. Currently, I am a guest researcher at Naturalis Biodiversity Center, where I contribute to research into the evolution of plants.